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Skate Martensville Policies


Mandatory Helmet Policy:

As per Skate Canada's Helmet Use Policy, it is MANDATORY that ALL skaters up to and including Stage 5, wear a CSA approved hockey helmet while on the ice during CanSkate sessions.

Late Registration Policy:

An Early Bird discount will apply to all registrations between June 1 - July 31. Late registrations may be accepted after July 31, without discount, and at the discretion of the Club Executive if spots are available. Requests or inquiries can be sent to

Refund Policy:

Prior to the onset of the skating season:

  1. Refund requests, along with a general explanation, must be submitted by September 30.
  2. Please email your request to
  3. All registration fees will be refunded, minus a $25 administration fee.

During the skating season:

  1. A refund can be given on a prorated basis for physical injuries that would prevent a skater from continuing to the end of the season. A medical professional’s or physiotherapist’s certificate/note must be submitted ¹. Requests must be made within 14 days of the injury. Refunds will be based on program fees only (less a $25 administration fee) and will be prorated from the last day of skating ².
  2. A refund can be given on a prorated basis if a skater has moved 60 km or more outside of Martensville city limits. Refunds will be based on program fees only (less a $25 administration fee) and will be prorated from the last day of skating ².
  3. A refund can be requested for first-time skaters registered in a Pre-CanSkate program if the coach feels the skater is not yet ready to participate AND after attending the first two consecutive lessons. Refunds must be requested before the end of the fourth lesson of the Pre-CanSkate program. Refunds will be based on program fees only (less a $25 administration fee) and will be prorated from the last day of skating ².
  4. Refund requests will not be accepted after March 1.
  5. Requests for refunds must be sent in writing to Skate Martensville Club:
  6. Approved refund requests will be processed within 2 weeks.
  7. All refund requests must contain the following information:
  8. First and Last name of skater
    • Email address
    • Last day of skating (if applicable)
    • Details of request (including a doctor's note/certificate if applicable)

¹ Recognized by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan.
² Refunds will not include the Skate Canada membership or the Skate Saskatchewan fee.


Pre-CanSkate and CanSkate parents are required to volunteer at the CanSkate table in the rink lobby a minimum of one time per family. Approximate length of shift is 1 hour. More details and a parent volunteer schedule will follow after our registration closing date.

Special events like FunFest, picture day, year-end performances, Buster Days, etc. will require more parent involvement. We need parents from all program areas to volunteer extra time in order for these events to be successful. More information will follow throughout the season as necessary.

Program Assistants:

Program Assistants play an important role in CanSkate programs. Skate Martensville strongly encourages all skaters who are ready, as determined by their coaches, (typically our StarSkaters), to participate weekly as a Program Assistant.The responsibilities of a PA may include:

  1. Assist the coach in delivering the program on‐ice and off‐ice
  2. Demonstrate skills and teaching progressions
  3. Lead circuits, drills, group activities
  4. Set up and take down teaching aids and equipment
  5. Take attendance
  6. Assist with Carnival choreography and lead CanSkate group performances
  7. Be a role model for young skaters


Each year we ask our members to participate in fundraising. The fundraising amount is $250.00 (per family). Your fundraising cheque is due on the first day of lessons. A member of the executive will be present at the rink to collect your cheque. If we do not receive your fundraising cheque for the second week of skating, your skater(s) will not be able to participate until your cheque has been submitted.

Please make your cheque out to Skate Martensville post-dated for December 1 and state your skater's full name in the memo. Your cheque will be held and returned once the fundraising obligation of $250.00 per family is fulfilled. A $25 NSF fee will apply if your cheque needs to be cashed and is returned.

This year we will be hosting multiple fundraising opportunities to allow you to meet your fundraising obligation:

  1. The first campaign will be Mom's Pantry. This is our "signature" fundraiser that we have been doing for several years. It is reliably successful and has a great return percentage on sales.
  2. Our second campaign will be after Christmas. You will receive more information at a later time.

In addition, we also have an ongoing 'Drop and Go' account set up at Sarcan, where anyone can drop off their recycling and donate the proceeds to our club. Please note that this fundraiser will directly go to the club but will not go towards the family fundraising amount. Here are the details:

  1. Visit the Martensville SARCAN depot and log into Skate Martensville’s account using our group phrase, Skate Martensville.
  2. Simply print off tags for the number of bags and/or boxes you would like to donate.
  3. Put one label on each bag/box and leave your order in the designated Drop & Go area at the depot.
  4. Your donation will be counted by the SARCAN staff and your deposit refunds will be submitted to Skate Martensville.

Mandatory Ice Show Attendance for STARSkaters

Due to the number of routines STARSkaters are expected to perform and the complexity of the choreography, all practices during the month of March are mandatory for all STARSkaters. Any STARSkater missing more than 2 days of practice during March will not be permitted to perform in the ice show.

Skate Canada Policies

Skate Martensville abides by Skate Canada’s rules & regulations. For information on these policies, visit:

Membership fees:

Skate Martensville and Skate Canada require all persons who use the ice to have a Skate Canada membership number. This membership provides insurance coverage in case of an injury sustained while on the ice, among many other benefits. In addition, Skate Canada returns 50% of the membership fee to support skating within the province.The benefits of belonging to Skate Canada are many. Here are just a few:

  1. Your child will be a member of Skate Canada, the national governing body for figure skating in Canada.
  2. Your child will receive an identification number that has been recorded at the National Office of Skate Canada. This number will not change and remains your child's link to Skate Canada forever; even in years you are not an active member.
  3. Your child will need this registration number to participate in Skate Canada sanctioned events.
  4. Makes your child eligible to take Skate Canada tests, participate in Skate Canada competitions, ice shows and other sanctioned events.
  5. Privileges to enter the Members Only website of Skate Canada, that contains all the important information about the association.
  6. A member accident insurance benefit at a substantially lower cost than what is available in other sports is included in the membership fee.
  7. Access to high quality programs that are recognized and often sought after internationally and by other national sport organizations.
  8. Access to qualified, NCCP certified Skate Canada professional coaches who have been trained through high quality training programs developed by Skate Canada.
  9. National registry of figure skating qualifications (tests) and results (for qualifying events) held in a central computerized system for easy access.

If you require further explanation, please visit the Skate Canada website and enter Members at the top of the home site to sign in. You will need to have your Skate Canada number to access the information.

Skate Saskatchewan:

Skate Saskatchewan is committed to ensuring the delivery of quality skating programs. The Skate Saskatchewan fee is used to off-set expenses typically funded by Skaters' Lottery which are used for:

  1. Competitions - Sask Skate, Sectionals, Winter Classic, Prairie Regional Synchronized Skating and Saskatchewan Winter Games District Run-Offs
  2. Skater Development Programs - STAR seminar, Black Boots Seminar, Road Show, Performance Camp, Spring Kick Off Camp
  3. Skating Programs - Rising Star Seminars, CanSkate Enhancement Workshops
  4. Coach Development - Club, Regional & Provincial Coach Courses, CanPowerSkate Coaches  Course, MILE Project, Coaches’ Forum, Training & Certified Club and Regional Coaches Grant
  5. Officials Development - Clinics, Officials Exchange
  6. Athlete Assistance – Out-of-Province Competitions, travel assistance for Challenge & Canadians, Team Leaders for Challenge & Canadians
  7. Skate Canada – Saskatchewan Office Administration - Rent, power, phone and audit
  8. Equipment - Live streaming, computer equipment