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CanSkate FunFest on Sunday, January 29, 2023.
All Saskatchewan CanSkate skaters are welcome to register!
  • Elements (CanSkate stages 1-6)
  • Fast Track (CanSkate stages 1-3)
  • Spin Spiral Jump (CanSkate stages 4-6)
  • Team (CanSkate stages 1-6)
$50 / skater
The fee includes skater participation in:
• Opening Ceremonies
• 3 events as listed above (based on the skater's CanSkate stage)
• Closing Ceremonies
Skate Martensville is excited to host a CanSkate FunFest where skaters will get the opportunity to showcase their skills in a fun and interactive environment. In support of Skate Canada’s ongoing implementation of the Long-Term Athlete Development Model, this event has been formatted to recognize the philosophies of the Learn to Skate stage. The focus of the event is on individual skill improvement and therefore performances are not ranked. Each skater receives a full overview of his/her performance on a personalized assessment sheet which is provided to the skater along with an award.
All entries must be received no later than January 20, 2023. 


View our TECH PACKAGE for more information.
Download a copy of our FUNFEST POSTER to hang in your rink!
Online registrations are accepted until 7pm, January 20, 2023. Visit the FUNFEST REGISTRATION PAGE for more details.